On January 26th, longtime supporters and Friends of Trevor, Yawar Charlie and Jason Miller made history as one of the 33 couples to wed at the Grammy Awards!

Yawar told us about the unexpected Grammy opportunity, “At first, we weren’t allowed to tell anyone anything – including friends and families! The week before the event, we could finally tell everybody. We’re so blessed and honored to have been involved.”

The couple was ecstatic to be part of Macklemore’s iconic song, but the excitement really didn’t sink in until they realized that Madonna sang at their wedding.

“It felt like every single person was there to support us. They didn’t care what gender our partners were. They embraced us, and celebrated the love we all had found. Queen Latifah even signed our wedding licenses!”

Jason, from rural Pennsylvania, wore a tuxedo, and Yawar, from a strict Muslim family in the Middle East, wore a traditional Pakistani outfit. The couple soon began receiving congratulatory emails, tweets, and messages from people around the world who were touched by their cross-cultural wedding.

“I think Jason and I both feel that what our public wedding showed was, there is hope,” shared Yawar. The newlyweds continued with a message for Trevor’s youth, “No matter who you are, no matter what background you come from, no matter what your culture is – you deserve love. It can happen to you.”

The couple will celebrate their marriage with their family and friends, later this summer.

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